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Can a washing machine be installed by oneself ?


It is recommended to play it safe and ask a plumber to install the washing machine.

This ensures that if there are problems with the washing machine that are due to incorrect installation – the responsibility is with the installer, not you.

Some housing companies require a professional to install the washing machine.

Check with your property manager.

Usually, bathrooms are equipped with a drain and water pipe connection, so the washing machine can also be installed by oneself.

If you're installing for the first time, ask for help from a relative or friend who has installed washing machines before.


If the washing machine does not fit in the bathroom, can it be in the kitchen or hallway?


If your kitchen has a dishwasher connection point, you can also place the washing machine in the kitchen – the machines require similar connections.

A plastic safety basin should be placed under the washing machine in the kitchen.

They are sold for a few tens of euros in department stores, hardware stores, and home appliance stores. If the dishwasher is already in place, small changes need to be made to the pipes to connect the washing machine to the plumbing. In this case, leave the installation work to the plumber.

Your apartment's hallway probably doesn't have a washing machine connection point, and building one would require a major renovation, so placing a washing machine in the hallway is unlikely to be successful.


Where should the washing machine's drain hose be placed?


The drain hose must be fixed to the intended drain connection, but if one does not exist, the waste water can be directed to the toilet, sink, or floor drain.

The most important thing is that the hose stays in place and does not splash water, for example, on the floor. The drain hose should not be left hanging freely, it must be fixed in place so it does not come off.

If you don't want to take care of the installation yourself, We Kodinkonemestarit can do it for you. If you want us to assist you with the installation, We Kodinkonemestarit can:

Dismantle and remove your old dishwasher

Remove all packaging materials

Place the dishwasher in the desired location

Connect it to the water pipe and sewer network

Seal the water connections

Connect it to existing power sources

Perform functionality tests and dispose of packaging materials

We install:

Washing machine installation

Dishwasher installation

Stove installation

Oven installation

Cooktop installation

Television installation

We also offer assembly and installation services for various needs, from assembling smaller pieces of furniture to larger kitchen or bathroom installations.

Cabinet assembly

Curtain installation

Furniture dismantling

Dishwasher installation

Washing machine installation


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